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Vehicle Wraps
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Portland Vehicle Wraps


Having stationary signs is always a good investment for businesses’ promotions and marketing campaigns. However, their reach might be limited because they are fixed in just one location. If you want a way to reach more people without spending too much money on multiple signs, getting personalized vehicle wraps from Royal Signs & Awnings is the way to go.

custom full vehicle wrap

Vehicle wraps are flexible as they can be personalized to match the vehicle in question and the user’s branding. Once installed, it can promote your brand wherever the vehicle goes and stays. Since these wraps are very vibrant and not very imposing, they can easily catch people’s attention and make them curious about the brand. These people can also reach out to you immediately because the wraps can be designed with your contact details included.

No matter what specifications you may have for your personalized Portland vehicle wraps, our team can deliver. We offer full service for vehicle wraps, from designing to installation and maintenance, guaranteeing that you can enjoy the benefits these wraps can bring to your business while also protecting your investment for these vehicles.

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Vinyl Graphics, Partial Wraps, & Magnets

Vehicle wraps are great investments if your business uses vehicles to deliver goods and services and if you’re thinking of a way to expand your marketing campaign. If done correctly, these wraps can catch anyone’s attention and endorse your offerings effectively and safely while the vehicle is on the move.

Portland Vehicle Wraps vehicle wrap options

Full Vehicle Wraps

When it comes to advertising using cars, nothing beats having a full vehicle wrap.

custom full vehicle wrapFull vehicle wraps cover the majority of the car’s surface and transform it into a moving advertisement at any given time. Whether you use the car to transport goods and services to your clients or have it parked somewhere as you do your daily tasks, it will actively market your brand to those who pass by it. These wraps can also help you protect your car’s paintwork, especially if you plan to sell the vehicle in the future.

Royal Signs & Awnings can create full vehicle wraps that can showcase any type of content imaginable and make it stand out. We use heavy-duty vehicle wraps for all the projects we handle which are tried and tested in staying vibrant even when regularly exposed to harsh elements. We offer a full wrapping service to our clientele so the process is stress-free.

Partial Car Wraps

Don’t have enough budget for a full vehicle wrap? Do you only want to cover certain parts of your vehicle?

partial vehicle graphicsPartial vehicle wraps are recommended for businesses on a budget but still want to wrap their vehicles, as well as designs that work in a half vehicle canvas. Our experts can check the design you have in mind and create the partial car wrap that matches your image.

Rest assured that the partial wraps will blend well with your car’s surface and integrate well with its design. We can also offer you recommendations on how it can be designed to help market your brand better.

Vinyl Graphics

If you want to be flexible when it comes to the design of your vehicle, vinyl graphics are recommended.

custom vinyl vehicle letteringVinyl graphics are individually cut graphics – which can either be text, photos, or logos – and can be attached to any part of the vehicle. If you want to put these graphics in a different location, it is easy to peel off from your vehicle’s surface without ruining its paint job.

For vinyl graphics, we can help you conceptualize the design of these graphics and where they should be installed in the vehicle to achieve your concept. We can produce them quickly and do the installation for you so it looks flawless.

Vehicle Magnets

Are you looking for a way to wrap your car but not permanently? Are you located in an area that doesn’t allow signs and other promotional displays?

car magnetFortunately, there is a way you can still get wraps or graphics for your car, and it is by using vehicle magnets.

As the name implies, it has a magnetic backing that allows it to attach to the metal without falling off even at high speeds.

When you are finished using the car for business purposes, you can easily remove the magnet and drive off like any other vehicle.

Vehicle magnets are easy to produce and also very affordable, making them a perfect introduction to vehicle wraps and graphics.

Perforated Window Film

Do you want to have a fluid vehicle wrap and maximize the space for your promotional content? If yes, you can request our team to make a matching window film wrap for your vehicle wraps.

custom perforated window filmWindow films are perforated to make sure that the passengers can still see clearly outside the car while people who see the car can only see the vivid graphics showcasing your products and services. You can use these window films to cover all the car’s windows or have them as cutouts.

We will design these window films to blend well with your vehicle wraps so the design looks fluid from every possible angle it is viewed from.

Professional Wraps for All Vehicle Types

custom vinyl food truck wrap

Royal Signs & Awnings is an established Portland, OR sign company that has been providing clients with industry-grade vehicle wraps for all types of vehicles. Whether it is to make your business vehicle look more pretty or serve as a marketing tool for your business, we can help design the vehicle wrap to match it and get the wrap done and installed in short order.

We are confident in our ability of providing you with personalized vehicle wraps that you won’t be disappointed with, as well as a personalized service so you are confident that your investment is well-made with our team. From designing your vehicle wraps to installation and maintenance, we have a team on standby who can handle it.

Down below are the types of vehicle wraps we can make for you and personalize to suit your requirements:

We don’t just offer the best vehicle wraps for your vehicles at Royal Signs & Awnings. We can also create personalized business signs that can help you market your brand better and improve customer experience as they go around your store. From storefront signs to custom signs, we can make and deliver them.

Attractive Wraps for Your Entire Fleet

For all the Portland vehicle wraps we make for our clients, we always make sure that the wraps deliver the image you want people to develop about your business and extend your marketing campaign.

Custom Fleet Vehicle WrapsMany businesses nowadays deliver their products and services directly to their client’s residence and business addresses. When they see that you are using a wrapped business vehicle, they will know you are an established brand and feel more secure that they are doing business with a brand they can trust.

Any type of vehicle you use or products or services you provide, tell us what you want to see in your vehicle wraps. We will do our best to help you design them in a way that matches your business and boosts your sales—the best vehicle wraps customized to your brand alone.

Promotional Car Wraps

Are you using vehicles to help you market your business or deliver your products and services? If the answer is yes, it is best to invest in vehicle wraps to help you market your brand while also improving the way people see you.

custom car wrapWhen people see your promotional wrapped vehicle in the streets, whether it is on its way to delivering products or services or while parked due to traffic, it can help people become familiar with your brand and become curious about your offerings. It can also help protect your vehicle’s coating, especially from scratches and other minor damage.

Vehicle wraps can work well for any type of business and industry, but it is a worthwhile investment for businesses that do not have a permanent address or those who offer their services directly to their clients. Clients will more likely trust the brand if they see that you have a vehicle wrap in your car that showcases your products and services.

Window wraps are also available if you want to fully wrap your car and maximize the space for your content. For window wraps, we make sure that it will not block the driver and passenger view from the inside of the car to keep them safe as they drive.

Custom Boat Wraps

Our Portland vehicle wraps can also be used for custom boat wraps.

custom boat wrap designWhether you are running a boat-related business or have a shop near coastal waters, we can wrap them in water-resistant, marine-grade wraps that won’t fade easily even if it is exposed to saltwater and other elements that may affect their design.

We can also use our custom boat wraps on vehicles that are constantly exposed to harsh weather conditions, like trucks and trailers. Your business name, logo, and slogan will be shown clearly in these wraps and improve the way your target market sees your brand.

Boat Identification Numbers

Our vehicle wraps can also be used to display key information about your vessel while adhering to the legal requirements for boats and other similar vessels. We can put on your boat wraps your business name, vehicle name, and license information. Since we use marine-grade vinyl for wraps, this information won’t fade easily even if it is constantly in the water and harsh weather elements that may hit your work area.

Your Designs, Perfected

Royal Signs & Awnings is highly rated by our clients because of our top-notch customer service.

For us, we want you to be 100% satisfied with your prints no matter what type of prints you ask from us. We personalize our services to match what is needed and make the entire process smooth and stress-free.

Whether you want a simple but effective print or a very detailed one, we are ready for the challenge. We will do our best to have everything you requested in the design without affecting its intended purpose and impact. You can also count on us to provide you with sign support whatever it may be. Simply let us know what you are looking for and we’ll make your vision a reality.

Full-Service Vehicle Wrapping

For Royal Signs & Awnings, we believe that every business and company in all sizes and industries should have the chance to get high-quality vehicle wraps without breaking their budget. With us as your printing partner, we will provide you with expert advice and recommendations as we work on your project with you. Our team will also be with you from start to finish so you can fully enjoy the benefits of these wraps once it is installed in your vehicles.

custom vehicle wrap installationTo start the process of availing of our services, you can speak to our talented team through our free consultation service. During this service, we will get to know more about you and your business, as well as the type of fleet you are running. We will then offer you expert advice and recommendations, as well as a design and service fee draft that we can modify to suit your requirements. If you have questions, we are happy to answer them no matter how vague or specific they may be.

Once all the details of the project are approved and you are ok with our service quote, we can immediately get to work on making your vehicle wraps. We use the highest quality vinyl for the vehicle wraps so they last a long time. Before installing the wraps in your vehicles, we will do a quality check to see if there are no errors in the design. Our installation team will make sure there are no bubbles and stretch marks in the wraps before we hand you your newly wrapped vehicles.

You can also trust us to help you with repairs and maintenance, as well as removal if needed. We can also help you get matching signs so that you have consistent messaging throughout your business.

Free Vehicle Wrap Consultation

Portland Vehicle Wraps royal signs logo 300x108If you want your business to stand out, don’t cheap out on giving your business fleet a makeover to support your marketing efforts. With the custom-made vehicle wraps you can get from Royal Signs & Awnings, you will be able to transform your vehicles into an extension of your marketing efforts and improve the way your potential customers see your brand.

Ready for the next step? Contact us through our free consultation service and we’ll help you design, produce and install your vehicle wraps in your fleet in no time at all.

Call Royal Signs & Awnings at (971) 224-7413 for your Free Consultation with a Portland Vehicle Wrap expert!