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Portland LED Signs


Retro neon signs are a classic favorite aesthetic for many business types, especially for those that have nighttime operating hours. However, neon signs are also known to be extremely cost-ineffective, considering their high-energy consumption and negative environmental effects.

Indoor Lighted Lobby SignIf you’re seeking to have the neon aesthetic without all the impractical costs, Royal Signs & Awnings has just the right alternative for you. Try out our grade-A Portland LED signs!

From LED displays and tubes to LED-illuminated traditional signage, we got all the variations of this product for you. We have just the right offer for all types of budgets, creative preferences, and business types.

Whatever type of LED sign that you order, we are here to provide every service you need to get them, from manufacturing these products to installing them in your storefront. We will do everything we can to make these signs achieve your goals, whether it’s to highlight your building or effectively communicate your message to your local community.

Tell us everything about your goals for your Portland LED signs and we’ll show you the best options you have with Royal Signs & Awnings by your side.

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Indoor LED Signs

Even if they are very effective as outdoor signs, LED lighted signs are also great for indoor use. Because they are extremely visible regardless of the time of day, LED signs are effective in wayfinding, facilitating customer traffic, indoor promotions, point-of-purchase advertising, and even interior design.

backlit lobby signLED tubes are very effective as indoor signs. They can be bent and transformed into any shape or text, creating attractive marketing signage, aesthetically pleasing quotes, or random lighted images spread around the interior of your business. Many companies like restaurants and cafes use these tubes as “open” signs, exit labels, and even order stations. Neon signs are mostly used as tubes, but they are known to release obnoxious amounts of heat on top of their expensive costs. LED signs, on the other hand, are very safe and value-adding as you put them all around your business area.

You can also add LED illumination to other signage types such as channel letters for indoor usage. You can just tell us what kind of signs you need and we can guarantee that you’ll be getting the best, most cost-effective versions from Royal Signs & Awnings.

Programmable LED Message Centers

Traditional signs are stationary, permanent structures, unlike programmable LED message centers.

Portland LED Signs custom lighted led pole pylon sign 300x225These LED-powered signs allow users to easily edit their content whenever they want with a computer. You can quickly change the images or texts that these signs display to match the occasional changes of your business.

Aside from saving time and effort, programmable message centers can also let you save monetary resources. Instead of changing signs for every new offering you have or seasonal product that you release, you can just easily edit the content of your message centers.

You can have your LED message centers either as standalone signs or as the main feature of existing signage, such as a monument sign or a pylon sign. You can also have options like full-color or monochrome displays.

Full-Service Lighted Sign Company

As a leading full-service signage company, Royal Signs & Awnings can manufacture, design, install, and even repair all the Portland, OR LED signs that you need for your business.

lighted sign repair and installWe can bring you the best neon-vibe LED tubes, the most efficient message centers, and the prettiest LED-illuminated signage that you’re looking for.

Every material and product that we have at Royal Signs & Awnings is guaranteed to be of top-quality and are handled only by our highly trained professionals with their state-of-the-art tools and equipment.

Our main goal at our company is to create the signage that will give our customers fullest satisfaction as we aim to turn their creative visions into reality. No matter how much your budget is or how urgent you need your signs delivered, Royal Signs & Awnings is ready to take on the challenge of bringing you the best Portland LED signs that you can get.

Free LED Sign Consultation

Portland LED Signs royal signs logo 300x108Get the maximum visibility possible for your business with Royal Signs & Awnings’s top-of-the-line Portland LED signs. You won’t have to worry about being seen at night or even during a storm. Attract your customers all day and all night with vibrant and dynamic signage that capture the essence of the classic neon signage without all the costs.

From indoor usage to outdoor promotions, our LED signs will be able to match the goals you have for them, especially as our signage professionals help you out in deciding on this project.
Don’t waste any more time. Call us today and get the powerful lighted upgrade that you need for your business to outshine your competitors!

Call Royal Signs & Awnings today at (971) 224-7413 for your Free Consultation with a Portland LED Sign expert!