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Hillsboro Electronic Message Centers


As people get their information mostly through their mobile phones, computers, or television, traditional means of sharing information like signs are no longer enough for businesses to drive in traffic and build good impressions. If businesses still want to use signs and other traditional platforms to get people interested, they must be upgraded to suit the preferences of their target audience. 

Indoor Digital SignageFor signs, a great investment businesses can get that is sure to catch anyone’s attention and deliver results are electronic message centers. These signs present content in an interactive fashion, displaying text, images, videos, and audio all at the same time or in a timed format. It can be used by any business or organization hoping to change the way they deliver their brand’s message to their audience, as well as save money since these signs do not need to be changed entirely every time there is a new product or service to be promoted. 

Royal Signs & Awnings is one of the best Hillsboro, OR sign companies that you can trust for your personalized electronic message centers. We tailor all the projects we handle to every client’s needs, guide them throughout the sign production process and guarantee that the signs will be done based on their specifications to achieve intended business goals. 

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Lighted and Illuminated Signs

While traditional business signs can be effective in bringing in traffic if they are done well, they cannot do this throughout the day. They will need to be visible even at night and in heavy weather conditions to continuously call in your target audience. 

Lighted and illuminated signs are perfect for this situation because they can display any type of content at any given time, even if the weather changes for the worst. Thanks to its lighting fixtures and display capability, these signs can be used for a variety of applications such as acting as a storefront sign or an informational sign. 

Royal Signs & Awnings uses LED lights to create lighted and illuminated signs as they are environment-friendly and cost-friendly. It does not require too much maintenance and a lot of electricity to run. Repairing and replacing these lights is also very easy in case it malfunctions in comparison to other types of lights. We can illuminate your signs by putting the lights in separate fixtures strategically installed around the sign or on the sign itself as a backlight or integrated into the frame. 

Benefits of Electronic Message Centers

If you need lighted and illuminated signs, chances are you may find it difficult to pick the best type for your needs. For us, we find electronic message centers a great investment for many businesses because of their numerous benefits. 

custom digital menu boardFirst, the content can be delivered in various ways such as in video, photos, timed content, and animations. At Royal Signs & Awnings, we can look into the content you plan to showcase through your electronic message centers and recommend the best delivery style for your content. We can also time them accordingly so you can catch your audience’s attention at any time. 

Electronic message centers don’t have to be replaced completely each time you have a new product, service, or event. Simply change the sign face through the message center’s computer program to display your content and once you are satisfied, update the message center. It will instantly update without you having to go directly to the sign to do the same thing. 

Finally, Hillsboro electronic message centers can be used for any application regardless of their industry. From showcasing products and services to sharing key information, this sign can deliver your message effectively to your target audience. 

Optimizations Available for Electronic Message Centers

When you request customized Hillsboro electronic message centers at Royal Signs & Awnings, our sign team will guide you through the various optimizations available to help your signs stand out further.

Some of the optimizations we can add to your standalone or add-on electronic message centers are as follows: 

  • Size and resolution
  • Viewing angle and distance
  • Color options
  • Audio and video playback
  • Display type or messaging style
  • Weatherproof features
  • Additional lighting

Our team will customize your electronic message centers with your optimizations and branding into account, as well as provide you with advice if you are not sure which optimizations work well for your content and marketing strategy. We will also handle the permits for your electronic message centers and guarantee they will meet environmental standards for these signs. Our Hillsboro, OR sign company partners with excellent sign materials suppliers who also value what clients are looking for in terms of the quality of the materials used for their signs. 

Full Service Sign Company

At Royal Signs & Awnings, we believe that high-quality business signs don’t have to be expensive and are offered only to medium or large companies and businesses. Our full-service sign service is open to businesses and companies of all sizes, even those who are under a budget. Clients simply need to tell us what they are looking for and we will personalize our services to deliver the business signs that perfectly match your ideal specifications to the smallest details. 

lighted digital message center pole signWhether you are asking for customized Hillsboro electronic message centers or our other personalized business signs, we do everything in-house. Our company is proud to have a talented and experienced team of graphic designers, sign manufacturers, electricians, installers, and maintenance personnel ready to work together to help you get the right signs for your business. Thanks to our team, we can do projects in a short amount of time and guarantee that they will be of the highest quality possible when you get them. We will also sort out the permits needed to get your signs installed in your location and take state and federal ordinances into account when making your signs. 

We are also happy to take on requests with existing designs, as well as custom business sign requests. Our team is ready to take on the challenge so let us know what you need, and we’ll sit down with you to make it possible. 

Free Consultation Today

Hillsboro Electronic Message Centers royal signs logo 300x108Catching the attention of prospective clients through signs is one thing. It is also important that your signs can retain their attention for a long time so passersby can be enticed to try the products and services you are featuring. While traditional business signs can do the job, they may restrict you from the amount of information you can share with your target audience. 

With electronic message centers tailored to your brand, it will be easier to catch their attention and get them to try your brand because of the interactive way your content is delivered. Our Hillsboro, OR sign company can show you how these signs can be customized and revolutionize the way you reach out to your clientele to get the impressions you need to grow as a business. To find out more, call us through our free consultation service, and one of our sign experts will give you more details.

Call Royal Signs & Awnings at (971) 224-7413 for your Free Consultation with a Hillsboro Electronic Message Center specialist!